The Dance Performance Workshop

with Ben Veitch
This dance-changing experience begins with developing a uniquely designed show in a masterclass designed to unlock performance quality. We conclude with a showcase that reveals the work that was created and the newfound expressiveness to family and friends, creating an unforgettable impact.

Explore your authentic self in a masterclass designed to unlock your emotional spirit.

Live Performance

Reveal your newfound artistry to family and friends in a special, raw environment where everyone is up close and personal.


Included is a student-parent Q&A session, followed by a collaborative review involving both the studio director and the teachers.

The workshop is a great place to accelerate your artistic journey. Designed to unlock what has always been there but never seen.

For studio owners:
It can be challenging to provide high-quality, engaging experiences for your students without completely breaking the bank. This workshop package addresses those issues by offering high-quality teaching and choreography, creating an engaging experience for your students, and delivering a product that parents can truly appreciate.
Who's it for:
This workshop is designed for the dancer who regularly performs and seeks to gain a competitive edge. It focuses on consistently delivering honest and captivating performances that stand out from the crowd.
Why this workshop:
This is a carefully crafted experience that teaches you how to harness the necessary power to truly make a difference as a dancer. It starts with who you are and finishes with how you're seen.
What to do:
The experience starts by completing the very important application process. This process ensures that you are comfortable with what the workshop can offer. We want to be certain we can help you and that you're a perfect fit.

The Students

Let's start with the most important aspect of the workshop: What will the students experience.
- $99 setup
The Workshop
• Emotional Awareness Masterclass - Learn a specially designed routine for storytelling.
• Live performance showcase with family and friends - A uniquely designed setup for up-close engagement.
• Hangout Q&A session - A casual chat about the experience and ways that we can help.
• Artistry Accelerator video course - A video tutorial on how to improve artistry as a dancer.
• Emotional Intelligence Handbook - Insight into how to use your honest emotions while dancing.
• Personal Shake Artistry Certificate
• An official "1 in a Million" number - our mission is to help 1 million dancers
Students can purchase: One-on-one solo training that is incorporated into the showcase

The Studio

At Shake Dancehouse, our goal is to ensure that our workshops leave the studio healthier than when we arrived. Our package focuses on benefiting the studio in a way that helps you gain momentum for continued growth and improvement.

This is our approach to ensure that we meet our goals:
Revenue Share
The risk of upfront costs to host or bring in teachers is a real worry for most studios. The revenue-share model eliminates this stress by offering a risk-free approach.
We operate on direct ticket sales with up to a 50% revenue split, ensuring no financial risk for the studio. I charge $75 per person, plus any additional amount the host studio would like to add. There must be a minimum of 20 students. For example, if tickets are sold at $150, there would be a 50% split of $75 each.
If the revenue share is not applicable to your studio, I am happy to discuss a per student pricing model if you prefer.
Travel Cost
To ensure that this workshop is accessible nationwide, travel costs are deducted before the revenue split. All travel will have proof of purchases and be completely transparent.
Digital Marketing Material
Another cost and stress is creating marketing material to help promote the event both in-house and externally. What we offer is high-quality digital content that is great to use for email and social media.
Payment and Ticketing Processing
Payment and ticketing processes can be a real headache if you don't have the proper systems in place. Our website fully supports account management and payment processing. Because of this, we can streamline and automate the payment and ticketing stresses.
Scheduling can easily become time-consuming when having to communicate back and forth. Once we understand the available time slot, all the rest of the scheduling is done on our end.
Consulting and Feedback Session
We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and insights. Because effective communication is vital, we offer a consulting and feedback session immediately following the workshop. This session delves into student performance, highlighting both strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Need to Know

The Demand Quota
To ensure that costs are covered and the event is financially viable, all registrations go into a waiting list. Once that list reaches a certain number of registrations, we release ticket sales.
How are travel expenses calculated?
All travel expenses will be documented and have proof of purchase. If there are multiple workshops in the area, the travel cost is divided up equally.
How to receive payment?
Upon receiving the event report, you will be required to send an invoice and bank details.
Extras Services
Outside of the revenue share model, we offer additional services to further add value to your studio:
Artistic Direction and Critiques of Group Routines and Solos
If your studio participates in competitive competitions, it can be very beneficial to have an outside perspective on your routines. Getting artistic direction and feedback from an experienced professional can elevate your routine to the next level.
Competitive Group Routine Choreography
A great way to promote your studio is by having high-quality routines that stand out and get noticed.
Competitive Solo Routine Choreography
For students seeking to elevate with a solo that is unforgettable.

The Dance Performnce Workshop

- $99 setup
The workshop includes:
30 mins online discovory interview
A custom profile of your routine
Dance Performnce Accelerator video course
Emotional intelligence handbook
Modern Contemporary Emotional Awareness Masterclass
Live performance showcase with family and friends
Hangout Q&A Session
Director and teacher students review
On completion each student receives:
Personal Shake Artistry certificate
An official "1 in Million" number (our mission is to help 1 million dancers)
Invite to online community
Qualify for the 30 day mentor programme
How do we get started?
STEP 1 - Complete the studio registration form.
STEP 2 - Pick a date
STEP 3 - Receive the marketing materials and calls to action.
STEP 4 - Promote the workshop.
STEP 5 - Complete the studio checklist.
STEP 6 - Send an invoice when you receive the event report.
Qualify for the 30 day mentor programme
Important information:
We do not adjust any solo choreography unless we have consent from the choreographer or teacher.
Studio Registration
Please register to find out if you qualify. You will be notified when positions become available in your area.


How do students register for the workshop?
Simply use the link provided, which will direct them to a registration form. After completing the form, they will be placed on a waiting list and notified when tickets go on sale.
How do people buy tickets?
Every student is required to complete a registration form. Once we have collected the forms, a link to purchase tickets will be sent out.
What price will the tickets be?
We aim to make our workshop as accessible as possible. Considering this, our ticket prices can fluctuate based on supply and demand in your area. We suggest a price range between $105 and $200.
How long will it take?
The actual workshop takes 4 hours, including the performance and the Q&A session. There is an additional 30 minutes for consulting and feedback with the director and selected teachers. Extra time is allocated before the workshop for anyone that purchases a solo performance.
Do we provide refunds?
At Shake Dancehouse, our commitment to a vibrant workshop atmosphere relies on confirmed attendance. To ensure this, we are unable to offer refunds after ticket purchase.
What age groups are there?
We've designed the choreography to be adaptable for various levels. The workshop can be conducted as a mix of junior and senior groups or split into two separate events.
Do parents have to purchase tickets to watch the show?
No, The show is completely free.
Are family and friends allowed to video or take photos of the show?
Yes, of course. As long as they do not interfere with anyone's experience. We ask that they use the appropriate hashtags if they post online.
Do the students need costumes for the live performance?
Not necessarily a costume, but a dress code of all black is required, reflecting the style and personality of the performer.
What style of dance is the workshop in?
We use a modern, urban, contemporary style, which is the most flexible for students. The choreographer and style are based around the stories they are telling, which is a crucial element of the workshop.
Studio Registration
Please register to find out if you qualify. You will be notified when positions become available in your area.