The Dance Performance Workshop

with Ben Veitch
The Dance Performance Workshop Application
Please complete this application to the best of your ability. It's very important for us to understand where you are now and where you've come from, so we can determine if we can provide value to your studio.
The studio details
How many students do you think will participate in the workshop?
How would you describe the studio?
What is the studio moving towards
What's the hardest part with the students?
Tell us about students success.
What do you need the most help with the students?
What do you value?
If the workshop helps improve your students, what does that mean for you?
How will you know if this workshop was good for your studio?
What price would this workshop be so cheap that your students would question the quality?
At what price is this workshop a really good deal for your students?
When does the price of this workshop start to feel too high for your students?
What's the maximum amount your students can pay for this workshop?
What day of the week would be your first choice to hold the 4-hour workshop?
Second choice to hold the 4-hour workshop?
Extras Services?
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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