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Develop your true artist with ongoing continuous support

The workshop is a great place to accelerate your artistic journey.  Designed to unlock what has always been there but never seen.
The Program is the fastest way to master your performing skills. With all the building blocks you need to discover your authentic dancer, connect with your audience, and be remembered.
When you're ready to master your live performance, our mentoring offers you a month of direct access to our head coach, Ben.

The Dance Performance Workshop

Embark on a transformative journey, starting with mastering a uniquely designed routine. Continue with personalized breakout sessions for small group one-on-one coaching. This dance-changing experience concludes with a special showcase where you reveal the work that was created and your newfound expressiveness to family and friends, creating an unforgettable impact.
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Over 1000 dancers have used our teachings to help unlock what was always inside

Kyiv city body portraitby Olenka Kotyk

Ben’s choreography leaves you absolutely breathless. I vividly remember watching a piece years ago that I remember to this day. Ben’s able to direct, produce and choreograph meaningful, impactful pieces of art that make audiences FEEL. From his teaching style, choreographic ability to his production value - it’s all an 11/10. 👏 Ben is a true Master of his Art.

Vanessa Friscia

My girl can fly!
-Soraya Torrens-by Shlomi Platzman

Worked with Ben years ago at Jupiter’s Casino in the shows Hidden Palace and Rhythm of the Night. He was talented with choreography then, and I have followed him and watched his career soar ever since. So much respect for you Ben!

Lisa Bennett (ex-Moulin Rouge Dancer)

@Drewcolinsby Drew Colins

If I could sum up Ben’s choreography in one word it would be: transcendent. Whenever I see that Ben has choreographed a piece in a show that I’m seeing, I get extremely excited! He has a wealth of knowledge across so many different styles that allows him to tap into various attributes from each style. His ability to help dancers reach their full potential, especially with partner work is second to none!

Mitchell Hatton

man wearing red pullover jacketby I.am_nah

Working with Ben was very insightful the way his mind works to create is insane he is always exploring the limits and breaking down barriers I felt as if nothing was impossible when he was creating.

Amber Faleono

woman in brown and beige floral sleeveless dress standing on brown floorby Preillumination SeTh

Ben is an amazing dance teacher, choreographer, performer, and so much more!! He loves dance and everything this industry entails. His passion inspires those he works with to find the dancer within and share the magical joy dance brings into your life. He is amazing, l highly recommend him!

Karina Viegas

girl on stairby Yoel Peterson

I could not recommend Ben as choreographer/mentor more highly. He has an incredibly unique approach to choreography and the ability to bring out the best in everyone. His creative style is always captivating to watch.

Jenna Redfern

a sexy sport guy does a one handed handstand in the city while it drizzlesby Benjamin Wedemeyer

Ben Veitch’s work ethic is second to none. His brain works in unique ways that always provides a mind blowing creation. From the start to the end you are sitting in the audience wondering how on earth has he come up with this masterpiece.

Kyle Borg

grayscale photo of woman in black dressby Kazuo ota

I have admired Ben's work since I was a kid. To this day, I am in awe of what he produces. Ben is an incredible person and creative. I couldn't recommend him more.

Talina Cauchi

Movementby Patricia Palma

Ben is an amazing performer and choreographer, and an absolutely great guy to deal with. It has been amazing to see him go from strength to strength over the past 20 plus years.

Jason Brettel-Evans

@drewcolinsby Drew Colins

Ben is the most knowledgeable person in all aspects of dance, production, choreography, photography, videography, absolutely everything there is to do with producing anything! He is filled with so much creativity it’s bursting out of him.Highly recommend Ben for all aspects of performing!


Meet Ben

I've been exactly where you are.

I've encountered every roadblock under the sun—you name it, I've crossed paths with it. I've been there; I've felt stuck too. But there's one lesson I've learned that can prevent nearly every challenge. I'm eager to share it with you because this one thing has enabled me to achieve so much.

30 years in the dance industry
Helped over 1000 dances
I've worked with industry leaders and have received a bunch of awards, including an Academy Award.

My Secret To Being

"Be your authentic self, no matter what"

Going from where you are now to where you want to be is as simple as building authentic value.

Scarcity vs Abundance

In the world of dance and performance, mindset is everything. A scarcity mindset breeds fear and envy, holding dancers back from reaching their full potential.

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